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Design Series - Tanning Ledges

Our Design Series discusses features related to the design of backyard pool projects.

In the past few years, tanning ledges (or toddler shelves, sun shelves, baja shelves, shallow lounge areas, etc) have become extremely popular. Nearly half of our new pools have a tanning ledge. (editor's note: the author of this post has one on his pool - he loves it!)

Tanning Ledge PhotoThe first time most people come across a tanning ledge is down south. You'll invariably find people lounging and having a cocktail on tanning ledges throughout the Caribbean.Now, you might be asking, "What's a tanning ledge?" A tanning ledge is what happens when you take one of the top steps leading into the pool and super-size it! A tanning ledge is a shallow area (usually 10-15" deep) that is around 50-100 sq. ft. in size.

The best part about tanning ledges is the cool stuff you can do with them:

  • Add a lounge chair and read a book (or have a glass of wine)
  • Relax in the shallow water without doggy paddling
  • Speaking of dogs, tanning ledges are a great way for rover to get in and out of the pool
  • Tanning! (It's right there in the name)
  • Great place for toddlers to get their feet wet
  • Add an umbrella and catch some shade
  • Add foam jets for a cool water feature

Tanning ledges can be installed in concrete pools, fiberglass pools and vinyl pools (we were one of the first companies in Canada to build a vinyl pool with a tanning ledge - that pool was eventually featured on the cover of the manufacturer's catalogue and won several awards). We've now built raised spillover tanning ledges, curved tanning ledges, tanning ledges with ceramic tile and more!

We hear all the time that the tanning ledge is one of the most used areas of the whole backyard space! 

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