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"Are you guys going to be in the big Spa Expo this weekend?"

This is a question we get a lot when those big spa shows come to town. It makes sense; the Expo advertises itself as if it's a big group of competing dealers all showing off their spas. This isn't the case though - we're not there and neither are our local competitors.

Usually, there is only one company present, selling multiple lines from the same spa manufacturer. The manufacturer is represented by a dealer that isn't from around here. The spas are usually built by an American manufacturer and they are not built the same way that our Canadian-made spas are built.

The salesmen at these shows tend to have one job - travelling salesman. They tend to be very high pressure and want you to make a decision very quickly. That's because they're going to be gone after this weekend!

This is a common conversation that happens several times shortly after each of these expos comes to town:

                A new customer comes into our store to buy chemicals for their new expo-purchased spa. They               are very proud of the "deal" they got. As they are looking around they see one of our spas and say, "Wow! That spa must cost $25,000! It's way nicer than ours."

                Then we say, "Nope, it's only $10,000."

                The customer then tells us about how they were told their spa had an MSRP of $20,000+, but    they were able to talk their salesman down to $12,000. It's usually around this time that the             customer starts to realize that they didn't purchase a $20,000 spa for $12,000; it's more like a           $9,000 spa for $12,000.

Beware of MSRP's and "Regular Prices" at these shows. They are often thousands and thousands higher than a realistic selling price. Most of the time, the "incredible, sale pricing" that we've seen is no better than our everyday price.

Also, don't forget that these are not local companies. They do not have trained spa technicians in the area to help with your warranty. Hot tubs are like cars, they need care, service and on-going maintenance. Don't get stuck with a company without a proper spa service department.

Buying a spa from Waterworks means that we will do an in-home visit to help you determine where to place the spa, electrical and safety issues, delivery and more. We don't require that you purchase a spa as-is off the floor, we'd rather you get a custom spa, just for you. In all cases, we recommend trying out the spa, before you buy it. We have a few spas on our floor that are up and running, for you to try whenever you'd like. Once you've purchased the spa, we deliver the spa, not just to the end of the driveway, but onto your spa pad. Once it's delivered we teach you how to use it! I can assure you that the spa expo salesmen aren't doing any of this with you!

Do yourself a favour, skip the Spa Expo. Come see us and the other local spa sales companies and decide which spa, at which price, with which options is the best for you. The experience will be better, the spa will be better and after-sale service will be better (especially if you end up choosing to buy from us!).

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