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Hot Tub Design

Hot tubs can be relaxing spaces, they can encourage family togetherness and they can sooth sore muscles. The best hot tub installations are also functional, beautiful and easy to use and maintain. At Waterworks, our award winning designer can help you layout your new hot tub (for free!) so that all of this is seamlessly achieved.

The boring stuff

Any good hot tub installation has some basics covered that aren't exactly "flashy".

The hot tub will require electrical hook up and there are certain codes that must be followed. It is good to ensure...

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Winter Pool Covers

Winter Pool Cover Guide

Every year we get lots of people asking what to do about covering the pool for the winter. There are several options available for in ground and above ground pools.

Above Ground Pools

There are three options for above ground pools:

  1. Winter Cover
  2. Leaf Net
  3. Leave your pool open (no cover)

An above ground winter cover is essentially a tarp that goes over the water and wraps over the top rail of the pool. A winch and cord are then tightened under the top rail, holding the cover in place like a belt. Covering...

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Pool Closing Guide

Pool Closing Guide

 The biggest tip that we can offer for a pool closing is to wait until the water is very cold. The colder the water, the less chance for algae to grow and the cleaner and clearer your pool will be in the spring. A good time to close your pool in our area is mid-October or later.

 Note: every pool is different. This guide may help you close your pool, but it may not be complete for your specific needs. If you are uncertain of anything, please consult a pool professional. Many companies will let you watch...

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Vinyl vs Fiberglass Pools

Vinyl or Fibreglass?

This is a common question in our area. We have install several award winning pools in both styles, so we are highly qualified to discuss the pros and cons of each pool. We'll start by describing each type of pool, looking at some of the myths surrounding the pools and then go more in depth with regard to pros and cons.

Vinyl pools are the most popular type of pool in this part of the country and have been for decades. Vinyl pools have a steel or polymer wall that defines its shape. The wall comes in...

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Why purchase from Waterworks instead of Walmart/Costco etc?

Big box stores are enticing places to shop due to their size and supposed low pricing. They are also frustrating places to shop, due to the lack of service, the hectic atmosphere and the low quality of many of their products.

At Waterworks we believe that a friendly, trained, knowledgeable staff has tremendous value! We're a family business and we've been serving the Moncton area for almost 30 years. We understand swimming pools and spas, inside and out. We do this for a living; it's just what we do!

Each season, we get many customers that have just come from...

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